We look forward to helping you and your loved one!

We are an approved Medicaid Waiver provider for the following services:

- Behavior Management

     This services is designed to assist your loved one with reducing negative/maladaptive behaviors and replacing them with more positive/adaptive behaviors.  If you have a loved one that has behaviors that are interfering with their ability to live a full life, we can help!

- Recreation Therapy

    This service is designed to assist your loved one with meeting their recreation goals. We can help with adapted sports, social activities and skills, and other leisure and learning skills.

We can provide services to individuals that have the following waivers:

Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services
- Community Integration and Habilitation Waiver (CIH), formerly the Developmental Disabilities Waiver or the Autism Waiver

- Family Supports Waiver (FSW), formerly the Support Services Waiver

Aging and In Home Services
- Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver (TBI)

Please contact your Waiver Case Manager for more information on how to partner with us. If you are unsure of who your Case Manager is or what steps you need to take, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you navigate through the process.